Newspaper Only (Anxiety)

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written and recorded by Ulrike Müller, 2003

democracy, invisibility, and the democratic arts

I've recently become obsessed with the idea of being a Special Guest Star, a champion of multiple celebratory performances. to drop in play the role, make the moves and then entertain another engagement. It sounds pretty good, and well suited to my excitable recently transient life. But it's also attractive because it would allow me to move between the many subject positions that I imagine myself to occupy. With the diversity of venue and audience I could find myself responding to multiple titles and satisfying a

The Scub Manifesto


One for Bataille

One Is all that time, the strange signaling, our ripped-up shirts with fraying collars, clues that added up to be the imaginations, One is mystery.

Two is getting beyond the Image, that fantastical veneer. Realizing the atomism of every person and learning to refuse what is most seductive. Perhaps two is the pure essential.


Dress to Kill, Fight to Win

Does it matter what I’m wearing, what I look like, how I wear my body? All our lives, we receive conflicting commands to ignore appearances and not judge books by covers, and to work incessantly to conform our appearances to rigid norms. The result, I think, is that as we come to reject and unlearn the ways we’ve been taught to view our bodies (fatphobia, racism, sexism, gender rigidity, consumerism, ableism) we become rightfully suspicious of appearance norms and fashions and seek to form resistant practices. But what should those resistant practices be?


notes on Cambio de Lugar_Change of Place_Ortswechsel

The following article is a transcription of a lecture given at the “Feminisms” conference, Malmø, Sweden, June 2002