December 4, 2005

Issue 4 release in Los Angeles at Sundown Salon

sundown salon #023
an event to release LTTR issue 4, "Do You Wish to Direct Me?"

LTTR #4 is finally here and definitely OUT! Lay your hands on this hot new issue. Fondle 80 pages of queer content and poke your nose into the crack of your new favorite book.
schedule of events:
- 2:00 HARRY DODGE reading selections from "High Five for Ram Dass"
- 2:45 VIVIAN BABUTS performs
- 3:00 STANYA KAHN appears
- 3:45 LAVENDER DIAMOND (BECKY STARK) performs:"crazy garbage sale no toxic waste"

on going:
- join LTTR editor GINGER BROOKS TAKAHASHI for a bunny humping quilters forum
- slowburn dj with ASHLAND MINES
- marzipan fantasies with EDIE FAKE

text written by Emily Roysodn for Fritz Haeg's book about Sundown Salon series:
Out proud, we arrived in December 2005 to mark the Los Angeles release of LTTR #4, “Do You Wish to Direct Me?” Accompanied by a dynamic band of willing participants we set about to converse deliberately in the measured garden plateaus of sundown paradise.

LTTR’s approach to Sundown Salon was rooted in our commitment to collaboration and public dialogue. We decided to occupy the diverse spaces of the salon to create independent spheres with their own focus and vocabulary that engaged a critical feminist practice. The landscape could be traversed quietly, with your nose in the crack of issue 4, or could become relational, moving from one conversation on DIY life (Jessica Lawless, Tania Hammidi, Meg Wolfe, Taisha Paggett) to having your back and ass video recorded by the performance duo Marriage (Math Bass and James Tsang). Larin Sullivan and her mother Nancy Sullivan fleshed out the details of a one time sex kitten’s emergence into a feminist mother of a queer child. Edie Fake pulled utopian texts from homemade pies and webbed an outdoor clearing with the blood red banners. Issue 4 contributor Harriet ‘Harry’ Dodge read from “High Five for Ram Dass,” and was followed with a brilliant improvisation by Stanya Kahn. Under the trees LTTR editor Ginger Brooks Takahashi taught people how to stitch in her bunny humping quilters forum, all the while dj Ashland Mines played his favorite Diana Ross records. And as darkness fell Lavendar Diamond elegantly, prophetically, and persuasively sold garbage for pennies.

link to Fritz's website:

Sundown Salon (Fritz Haeg's geodesic home) in Los Angeles California