LTTR is an annual independent gender queer feminist art journal. Each issue is initiated by an open call that is circulated internationally via the world wide web and interpersonally amongst our queer community. The journal is edited by consensus in arduous editorial sessions. We consider each submission independently and in regards to the working themes of the journal. The desire to make the journal a significant contribution to contemporary feminist genderqueer concerns guides editorial debates and decision making. The submissions shape this process and thus the content, format and design of each issue. Each issue includes handmade artists’ multiples and is published in a print run of 1000 copies.

In late 2007, all five issues of the journal were out of print, and we decided to build a web archive to keep the radical content of LTTR available. We also strive to make the journal accessible in feminist archives and public collections. Complete sets of LTTR can be viewed at the Lesbian Herstory Archives (New York), Fales Library at NYU (New York), MoMA special collections (New York), Stichwort Archiv der Frauen- und Lesbenbewegung (Vienna), Generali Foundation (Vienna), Bildwechsel (Hamburg), and MAKE, Goldsmith’s Women's Art Library (London).

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