Editorial: amifesto

K8 Hardy
we do not operate within the comfort zone. that’s a fight.this is daily

agonistic with a refusal to hide.

we are not bored.

we fight our insignificance. feminist.

we move around in silence and speak to the shock.

it’s shocking to laugh, it’s shocking not to take any shit.

it’s insane to say no.

needing desperately those safe boundaries within heterosexuality,

we give no thanks.

no pleasantries nor apology.

no gratitude to those who hide in the safety of heterosexual language.

it is not a sanctuary.

there is no more space to move around there, only to hide.

hope works best as a lie or calming device.

they call it future, they say it’s useful for us.

everything is not ok.

don’t give a shit about being an artist, give a shit about making someone

mad maybe just making.

we die fast. and we don’t hide.

what is the gesture? as loud as these words.

aesthetics can be killed over and over and over, that’s it.

genius is patriarchal.

do not be controlled by fears of hurting feelings

with your political beliefs.

language, biology, is not destiny.

destiny can be a dreamy trip,

a nice fiction the facts.

the limits exclude, we know.

we read we write we think we look at what we have made.

i want to be a mess against this tradition of progress.

i do not exclude productivity.

we look at our patterns of movement and touch and feel and grab you,

bite you, leave a mark; indelible.

we move and we can not stop we will not be stopped.

reading is radical.

producing, making. activist projects.

not sitting on yr ass.

passivity, where does it take you?

conversations. old books. i’m on the phone.

out on the street, out.

we will play the game, players for the team.

don’t hate when you can jump in any moment.

happily, we pass the ball(s).

it’s heavy. it’s intense.

don’t take it easy.

it’s so easy to party, the heteronormal.

the personal is political. still afterall.

feelings are facts. thinking is that.