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Authorsort descending Title Issue Number
A.K. Burns Decorated Soldiers 3
A.K. Burns Art Face On 4
A.L. Steiner Please Rebel Act Now 4
A.L. Steiner Swift Path to Glory (The Outlaw Series) 4
Allison Smith bookmark 1
Alvin Baltrop Untitled (New York Piers), circa 1976 5
Alvin Baltrop Untitled (New York Piers), circa 1975-1986 5
Amber Ibarreche Untitled (drawing) 1
Andrea Geyer Tools for the Revolution 4
Andrea Geyer and Sharon Hayes notes on Cambio de Lugar_Change of Place_Ortswechsel 1
Anna Gollwitzer Aroundtransport 4
Anna Joy Springer Thieves with Tiny Eyes (excerpts) 4
ANNA SEW HOY the Buckle of Isis, AKA: bloody string 5
Anne Hall My Crotch Circa 1805 5
Astria Suparak Diagrams from Waiting 2
Boots Untitled 2
Boyfriend Assessing My Ass 2
BRUCE WIEST Diplomacy: an inner/personal battle 5
Carrie Moyer Poster Project 3
Celeste Dupuy-Spencer Miss Behaving 5
Charlotte Simms untitled 2
Christoph Boots i through xvii 4
Christy Gast Portrait of M as a Tumbleweed 3
Courtney Dailey centerfold 1
Craig Willse Thoughts on meaningless political action 2
Dean Spade Dress to Kill, Fight to Win 1
DEB SHOVAL all I have is a bottle of ink 5
Derek Jackson Ike & Tina with their Genders and Personalities Reversed 4
Discoteca Flaming Star White Banner 2 4
Donnie & Travis Tenoch, Tenochtitlan 5
Dusty Lombardo Year of 28 1
Eden Batki Mom and Her Wife 4
EDIE FAKE Anal Sex For Perverts 5
Emily Elliot You're Here 2
Emily Roysdon Untitled (David Wojnarowicz project) 1
Emily Roysdon democracy, invisibility, and the democratic arts 1
Emily Roysdon Editorial: Conceptually Nasty 5
Emily Roysdon Anus Rhymes with Famous You See/ The Constitutive Affect 3
EMILY ROYSDON & EQBAL AHMAD How to know when the rebels have won 5
Emily Roysdon, K8 Hardy, and Ginger Brooks Takahashi Editorial 1
Erika Earl She's Arrived 5
Feresteh Toosi Dress to Kill 2
Free Dance Lessons Non Commodified Exchange 2
GB Jones Skateboard Girl 5
GB Jones Untitled 5
Ginger Brooks Takahashi door hanger 1
Ginger Brooks Takahashi Editorial: I NO WE CAN REIGN HERE 5
Ginger Brooks Takahashi, K8 Hardy, Ulrike Müller, Emily Roysdon, Lanka Tattersall PANTS DOWN AT NOON 4
Gloria Maximo Untitled (painting) 1
Gregg Bordowitz MORE OR LESS 4
Guadalupe Rosales El Mil Mascaras 5
Hanna Liden Untitled 2
Harriet "Harry" Dodge excerpt from HIGH FIVE FOR RAM DASS, a work in progress 4
Itziar Okariz Peeing with my daughter on Pulaski Bridge 3
JD Samson and Cass Bird Untitled (from JD's Lesbian Calendar) 1
Jeanine Oleson & Ellen Lesperance Off the Grid (Florida IV) 5
Jeanine Oleson & Ellen Lesperance Off the Grid (Bigfoot & Nioka III) 5
Jeanine Oleson & Ellen Lesperance Off the Grid (Winter III) 5
Jeanne Stern My Name is... 4
Jennie C. Jones Image - Nina Simone 2
Jennie C. Jones Embrace - Sarah Vaughan 2
Jennie C. Jones Need - Nina Simone 2
Jenny Hoyston Cum-Voy 2
Jesal Kapadia How to Wear a Saree in 5 Easy Steps 3
Jocelyn Jacobs DEAR ANNE 4
Johanna Fateman Tour Diary 4
Joint Collaboration Productions, LLP Who Let the Dykes Out? 2
K8 Hardy Disquiet 1
K8 Hardy Editorial: amifesto 5
Kate Huh House of Pain 5
Klara Liden Self-Portrait with Keys to the City 4
Lanka Tattersall Always Steal Never Borrow 4
Laura Parnes Janie Dressed as Jim Jones (From The Blood and Guts in High School Series) 4
Lauren Cornell Untitled (drawing) 1
Leah Gilliam The Real-Therapy Principle 2
Leander Djønne The doghouse is a small house but it's better than no house at all 5
Leidy McIlvaine Churchman Untitled (drawing) 1
Lesbians on Ecstasy Prince of Darkness 2
Lisa Charbonneau One for Bataille 1
Liz Collins Merger glove 4
Liz Flyntz Michelle 5
LTTR with an essay by Matt Wolf LTTR EXPLOSION Program Brochure 3
Lynne Chan JJ Chinois Summer Tour August 13, 2003 Skowhegan State Fair Demolition Derby 3
Mariev Robitaille Untitled (from series “and it’s not a coincidence that we ended up here alone, so now we speak softly while the radio is on") 5
Mary DeNardo we might 2
Mary Kelly Circa 1968 4
Mary McAllister Untitled (study after Artemisia Gentileschi's Judith) 1
Math & James New World 2
Matt Wolf Bottom Wars 4
Michelle Marchese I O U 3
Mirah Yom Tov Zeitlyn The Life You Love 2
Moyra Davey Away From Home 4
Nancy Brooks Brody Change 4
Pauline Boudry FEMALE FEELMALE 2
R.H. Quaytman Clitique 5
Rhani Lee Remedes The Scub Manifesto 1
Rhythm King and Her Friends Shock 2
Ridykeulous The Advantages of Being a Lesbian Woman Artist 5
Ridykeulous Who Do You Think You LTTR? Copyright Ridykeulous 2005 4
Rodney Harrison Maintenant 4
Sara Thustra White People, it's not the war... 2
Sarah Schulman Carson McCullers: Scene Seven 4
Sarah Shapiro This is Forever 2
Shannon Ebner USA 5
Shelley Marlow Doll Butt (from Intimacy Series) 5
Shelley Marlow Untitled 4
Silas Howard The ship has sailed. “Rise, Ye Sea Slugs!” 5
Silka Sanchez Untitled 2
Sophie Morner Untitled (from Women in the Morning series) 1
Stanya Kahn LOIS AND CONAN 4
Stephanie Gray Kristy Mc. Under Layers and Holes 4
Stephanie Gray Kristy Mc. Under Layers and Lines 4
Tammy Rae Carland Failure Begins at Home 3
Tania Hammidi A Time for Shoes 5
Tania T. Hammidi Ain't To Compromise 4
Tara Mateik Tipped-in Kouros 1
The Third Leg Welcome to Gayside 5
Tobaron Waxman From the Series Fraternity: Diaspora, NYC; Tisha B'av 4
Ulrike Müller Editorial: LTTR V Bulletin 5
Ulrike Müller Intruder 5
Ulrike Müller Newspaper Only (Angst) 2
Ulrike Müller G Train to Queens 2
Ulrike Müller Newspaper Only (Anxiety) 2
Vivian Babuts From the Series: Suburban Dracula 4
Wikkid Capsize 2
Wu Ingrid Tsang Someone Else's Song (performance still) 5
Wynne Ryan CAN YOU PAUSE THAT FOR A SECOND ... and let yourself groove 2
Wynne Ryan Can You Pause That For A Second And Let Yourself Groove.... 2
Xylor Jane Untitled 2
Youngblood Chairs 4
Yvette Choy Untitled 1
Zackary Drucker Signed Headshot 5
ZOE LEONARD I want a president. 5